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    Apprentice Riding (Skill 75)
    • 60% land mount speed
    • Requires level 20
    • Cost: 4 gold
    • Mount cost: 1 gold
    • Mail will be sent to players at level 20 guiding them to the riding trainer
    Journeyman Riding (Skill 150)
    • 100% land mount speed
    • Requires level 40
    • Cost: 50 gold
    • Mount cost: 10 gold
    • Mail will be sent to players at level 40 guiding them back to the riding trainer
    Expert Riding (Skill 225)
    • 150% flying mount speed; 60% land mount speed
    • Requires level 60
    • Cost: 600 gold (faction discounts now apply)
    • Mount Cost: 50 gold
    • Can now be learned in Honor Hold (Alliance) or Thrallmar (Horde)
    Artisan Riding (Skill 300)
    • 280% flying mount speed; 100% land mount speed
    • Requires level 70
    • Cost: 5,000 gold (faction discounts now apply)
    • Mount Cost: 100 gold s
    Upcoming mount changesAdam Holiskyvery big announcement this evening from Zarhym. In the "next major content patch" (which means Patch 3.2) the mount system in WoW will be having some significant changes to it. The highlights are as follows:
    • Regular land mounts trainable at level 20 (was 30)
    • Epic land mounts trainable at level 40 (was 60)
    • Regular flying mounts trainable at level 60 (was 70)
    • Regular flying mounts speed increased to a 150% gain (was 60%)
    The costs for all the training and mount purchases has been decreased outright, with the exception of the artisan riding skill (epic flying mounts). For all mount costs, faction discounts now apply.

    This means that when you hit 60 you'll be able to fly around Hellfire and finish all those quests. Leveling from 60 to 68 is going to become easier and more relaxed. You'll hit Northrend much sooner with this change.

    The full details after the break.

    Patch 3.2 gives Wintergrasp a queue

    Here's a change that will probably be by turns amusing, exasperating, or a relief, depending on who you are and how you play: In a new section recently slipped into the official 3.2 PTR patch notes, Blizzard revealed that they plan to add a queue to Wintergrasp in Patch 3.2.

    In short, you can queue up by visiting a Battlemaster or entering the zone within 15 minutes of the game start. Only 100 people will be allowed to fight on each side of the battle, to be chosen randomly from the battlemaster and from the zone, with level 80s receiving highest priority.

    Wintergrasp was first introduced, even people who otherwise disliked PvP found it fun, and some old-timers found it be about the closest thing to the fabled world PvP battles of old in Hillsbrad, Ashenvale, and other such places.

    Unfortunately, Wintergrasp has found itself
    the victim of far too much popularity. The fun factor aside, it's also one of the easiest way to grind honor, heirlooms, and epic gear you'll find in game, and it got so overcrowded that it would often destabilize whole servers when a battle was active. Blizzard tried numerous ways to combat these problems, including preventing lowbies from afking in zone to gather free honor and reducing the daily quests to weekly quests.

    Apparently, none of these measures have worked to their satisfaction, and instead, they've simply placed a hard cap on the whole zone, arguably turning it into just another battleground that happens to occupy the same space as a PvE farming zone. While Wintergrasp may have been first meant to be a break from battlegrounds or an attempt to give people back the epic World PvP they remembered from the old Hillsbrad days, it seems Blizzard's found the whole concept a bit too overwhelming.

    On one hand, it's a bit disappointing to see these changes. It's a lot of fun to get into a good chaotic PvP melee and do some damage. That may be one of the reasons the old hours long version of Alterac Valley was one of my favorites battlegrounds. On the other hand, if it means less lag overall for everyone, it may just be a sacrifice worth making, even if it will suck when one is not chosen for the battle.

    Besides, 100 people is still an awful lot, more than, for example, those old 40- person AV days I was waxing nostalgic over a few sentences back. It'll be interesting to see how balance works out on this change, mostly. Will 100 vs. 100 show any glaring flaws on the offense or defense? If nothing else, it'll be a handy excuse to use when you lose, I'm sure.

    For your convenience, here's the notes on the system as they appear in the most recent
    official patch 3.2 PTR notes:


    To provide players with a more transparent notification of when Wintergrasp battles occur, as well as better control zone population and stability, several changes have been made.
    • Players now have the option to queue for Wintergrasp from a Wintergrasp Battlemaster in any capital city or by simply entering the Wintergrasp zone.
    • Queuing will begin 15 minutes before each battle. If chosen, you will automatically be teleported to the zone. Any players in the zone who have not been chosen from the queue will be teleported out when the battle begins.
    • The queue system remains active for the entire battle. As soon as a player leaves, a new one will be chosen from the queue.
    • Trying to enter Wintergrasp during an active battle for which you have not been chosen will teleport you out. Please note that, as you are now able to fly over Wintergrasp, you will only be teleported out if you try to land and join the battle.
    • Level 80 players get higher priority in the queue than lower level players. In addition, a random selection of queued players will be taken from both the Battlemasters and the zone itself.
    • The queue will accept up to 100 players from each faction, resulting in a maximum battle of 200 players at a time.
    Posted by: Nebu| 6-19-09
  •  Each summer, the arrival of the Midsummer Fire Festival signals a time
  • of merriment and a chance to revel in the hottest season of the year by lighting
  • celebratory bonfires across the land and sharing in what the elemental spirits
  • have to offer. This year (beginning Sunday, June 21st and continuing until July 5),
  • the festival features achievements. Learn more about the Midsummer Fire Festival
  • content in our recently updated page, which also includes a screenshot gallery.
  • Once the event begins, submit your screenshots of Festival fun here.
  • Now that players have had a chance to read about the features being developed
  • for our newest Battleground, Isle of Conquest, we’ve sat down with World of Warcraft
  • Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton to share with you the design concepts behind
  • the Isle of Conquest, as well as the strategies crucial to claiming victory on this
  • war-torn island of resources desired by both the Horde and Alliance.

    For those who want to know more about the development team’s plans for the future
  • of the World of Warcraft Battleground system, Cory generously shares
  • some exciting new morsels of information with us.
  • For the first time in the history of WoW Radio, we are pleased to announce
  • that we are accepting demo submissions for podcasted shows. In efforts
  • to provide more content, these shows will be added to our weekday lineup.
  • At WoW Radio, we recognize that there may be potential hosts/hosting teams
  • that may not have the opportunity (due to schedule conflicts, etc.) to produce
  • and air a live show for a specific timeslot each and every week. We would like
  • to invite you to submit your demo and show proposal letter to our management
  • staff for further consideration.

    Strength (STR)
  • Increases your Attack Power with melee weapons.
  • Increases the amount of damage you can block with a shield.
  • Agility (AGI)
  • Increases your Attack Power with ranged weapons.
  • Increases your Armor.
  • Increases your chance to score a critical hit with a weapon.
  • Increases your chance to dodge attacks.
  • Increases your Attack Power with melee weapons (rogue, hunter, and druids in cat form only).


  • Stamina (STA)
  • Increases Health.
  • Increases your pet's Stamina.


  • Intellect (INT)
  • Increases Mana.
  • Increases your chance to score a critical hit with spells.
  • Increase your pet's Intellect.


    Spirit (SPR)
  • Increases Health regeneration rates out of combat and Mana regeneration rates when not casting spells.


    - ΤΟΜΕΣ- Aκομη πιο αισιοδοξα ερχονται τα μυνηματα απο τον τομεα του τμηματος περιβαλοντος και ειδικοτερα την καθαριοτητα αφου ηδη φαινεται να οργανωνεται η συγκεκριμενη υπηρεσια με πιο γρηγορους ρυθμους ετσι ωστε να μπορεσει να αντιμετωπισει τα μεγαλα αλλα και μονιμα προβληματα που αντιμετωπιζουν αρκετες περιοχες του δημου.Και βεβαια αυτο δεν εγινε με καποιο μαγικο ραβδι!! 1) Σε αυτο συνετελεσε καταρχην η αδιακοπη προσπαθεια του επι 2 χρονια Αντιδημαρχου Μανωλη Βαρδαξογλου που με την επιμονη του και την πολλες φορες <<ενοχλητικη >>παρεμβατικοτητα του εγινε στοχος αντιδρασεων και συγκρουσεων προκειμενου να καταφερει να ξεσκουριασει την ανοργανωτη αυτη υπηρεσια και να παραγει εργο. 2) Επισης πρεπει να σημιωσουμε και την πολυ σημαντικη αποφαση του Δημαρχου να επιφερει ουσιαστικες αλαγες στο νευραλγικο τομεα που (αλωστε ειναι και ο κινητηριος μοχλος της οργανωσης της καθαριοτητας) την - ΔΙΕΥΘΥΝΣΗ,! Θα ελεγα πως ηταν η σημαντικοτερη αποφαση που ποτε δεν αποτολμησε καμια δοιηκιση στο παρελθον . Πρεπει δε να αναφερουμε και την πραγματικα αδιακοπη προσπαθεια του νεου αντιδημαρχου του Νικου του Τσαπαρα οχι μονο να διατηρησει το καινοτομο και ριζοσπαστικο εργο του προκατοχου του αλλα συγχρονως να επιφερει τις απαραιτητες διορθωσεις να το αναβαθμισει και να το αναγαγει σε μειζων ζητημα!! Τετοιες τομες αναβαθμιζουν την εικονα της πολης και κανουν τους δημοτες να αισθανονται ασφαλεις που επιτελους μια δημοτικη αρχη τολμα να συγκρουστη με το κατεστημενο των δυσκινητων υπηρεσιων ακομη κι οταν γιαυτο συνεπαγεται πολιτικο κοστος!! Thalasios64
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